Top Four Prominent Strategies in the Option Market

Option Market

Retail traders joins the Forex (foreign exchange market) to make a loss or profit. They invest money depending on the current market price of monetary exchange. The approach to the market is different as it depends on the trader’s personality. Depending on these strategies, we can classic the major strategies in four major class. In this article, we are going to learn about these prominent strategies from the scratch.


Scalping is the shortest strategy in terms of timing. The trader mainly trades on the price hike on the monetary exchange sites. Scalper’s primary goal is to earn a profit by completing small sessions. Their focus is to change in major currency pairs because of high demand. Such as EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD.

As scalpers trade in small sessions, the spread is also high. The reason is straightforward. They enter the exchange business in enormous numbers. Thus, the payment is also a more extended range of spread from profit.

The scalpers do not last in the market very long. The only focus is to target the small hike in the price of the monetary exchange. But remember, if you intend to scalp the market, you must choose a reliable broker. Visit the address of Saxo and learn more about the professional trading environment. Unless you trade with a good broker, scalping the market will be a very big challenge.

Day Trading

Day trading is suitable mainly for the general people who invest money at the starting of the day and ends transection at night. Thus, they end either in loss or profit. There is much less intensity from scalping.

Day traders are passionate about work. They know more about the price hike or drops in the Forex market. They not only use the curves or graphs to identify the loss or profit they will make. After detecting the price point, they trade in high volume. Scalper’s focus is only to make more profit.

The session mostly ended up from a few minutes or hours. For that reason, the traders invest more time on the data analysis. To ease the process, you may rely on the advanced indicators like MACD, the Relative Strength Index, or Stochastic Oscillator.

Swing Trading

As in the naming, swing traders mainly invest their money from a day to a few days. Scalpers do not analyze that much data or graphs to find out the price hike or drop by giving their valuable time.

Swing traders are basically for the daily earning people who have a full-time job and want to make extra money in Forex. They follow various strategies such as momentum, breakout, trend, counter-trend.

For the traders, timing is crucial as their investment time is not that much longer. Verifying the Forex market swing trading is more suitable to trade-in because it makes the traders happier by providing high money at less risk.

Position Trading

Suppose you want to make your position firmly in the Forex market. Then the position trading is for you. Position trades mainly invest their money for a long time. It lasts for a week or a month to exit their investment.

Position trades want to make their money work for a long time. Positioners analyze the data chart or the curves to target the specific period for invest their money. They are not bothered about the small price drop or hike in turn. They are mainly focused on the average profit.

Position traders pickups their opportunities by analyzing the market model, discussing past prices, describing significant currencies. Positioners always keen to make the bulk of the assets from Forex. However, that may cause them a considerable loss.

At last, you can easily find out the suitable criteria for your choice from here. We hope that you will find a better way to invest your money in Forex market. As this is industry growing rapidly day by day, you can always have a look to have more assets.